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This post can be used to thread with or get in contact with Richard at any point when he doesn't have a post up! Just comment here (please use the format [Action], [Voice], etc. to make it clear what type of thread it is) for a thread with him; if it's a continuation of another thread or post, please link that so I remember the context of the thread.
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This post can be used to thread with or get in contact with Richard at any point when he doesn't have a post up! Just comment here (please use the format [Action, June 24th], [Voice, March 5th], etc. to make it clear when the thread is taking place and what type of thread it is) for a thread with him; if it's a continuation of another thread or post, please link that so I remember the context of the thread.

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Name: Richard
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Canon: Tales of Graces f
Canon Point: Post-future arc in f, after Fodra Queen has been defeated and everyone is returning home to their respective countries.
Link to Application: Here

Moogle Name: Frieda
Moogle Gender: Female

Jobs: Paladin (lvl 1), Black Mage (lvl 1)
Limit Break: Vertex Rose-- The blade of Richard's sword is surrounded by swirling green wind and he lunges forward, stabbing the enemy multiple times in quick succession. He turns around as a giant blue rose appears behind the enemy; with a sweep of his arm, the petals of the rose scatter, dealing a final burst of damage.
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Richard hails from Tales of Graces, a game that hasn't yet been released in the US. Since it has been announced for a release Stateside, however, this post is where you can let me know if you'd rather not be spoiled for anything about the game. Please try to be specific on what you're okay with: IE if you don't mind any kind of spoilers, if you're okay with knowing details about the world and the characters but no plot spoilers, or if you'd rather I didn't tag you with Richard at all.

So, leave me a comment here!
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[Having to wake Asbel up in the mornings isn't anything out of the ordinary for Richard. In fact, it's become a routine of sorts by now, as his friend is a notoriously heavy sleeper who often needs the assistance of a pillow to the head or the scent of a fresh bowl of curry to lure him into wakefulness.

Today, however, he can tell right away that something is wrong when he opens the door, even if he can't see anything. The room is too quiet, too still, and his heart suddenly feels as if it's being squeezed in a vise. It's a struggle just to get Asbel's name past his lips in what is more of a plea than anything else. He doesn't even care that he almost trips over Tiger Festival on his way to the bed; he's just reaching out to feel the blankets, because surely Asbel is just sleeping too deeply to hear him, that has to be it...

... only the bed is empty, made up properly, as if no one has ever slept in it. There isn't even any warmth left to signal that Asbel had been sleeping there not long ago. Desperately he straightens up and gropes his way to the closet door, opening it to reach inside and feel for the clothing that he knows should be there, but that too is empty.

And even though he knows what that means, he doesn't want to accept it. He doesn't want to accept that his friend is gone. Numb, he reaches for his journal and fumbles it open, because he owes Asbel at least that much.]

Asbel Lhant has returned home to Ephinea.

[Composed as ever, even though his heart is breaking. That accomplished, he shuts the journal before he has to deal with anyone offering sympathies. He'll respond later, but right now the pain is too raw. He just doesn't have the heart to have to face the fact that Asbel is gone over and over again.

Instead, he sets the journal down and curls up in Asbel's bed, which by some miracle still smells like him. Now, for the first time, the darkness that Richard has become so accustomed to feels cold and oppressive and utterly lonely.]
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[At first, the journal seems to have been left open by accident, perhaps knocked open by some errant passerby, as the only thing visible is what looks to be a ceiling. Certainly nothing remarkable, in any case.

However, it isn't long before the sound of a bell jingling can be heard over the journals, followed almost immediately by a surprised and dismayed squawk of protest, then by Richard's laughter.]

What are you-- Oh come on. I am not wearing this. [There’s further jingling as the subject of Richard’s tormenting speaks up.]

Just as I thought-- it suits you perfectly. Purple really is your color.

There are nicer collars out there, you know. Ones that don’t make noise.

And if I said the noise was the point?

[More jingling as the collar is tugged at, but not removed.] You want to slowly drive yourself mad?

I want to be able to know where you are. You’re far too quiet when you’re around the house.

Me? Quiet? Pfft. You mean you can’t just follow my constant complaining?

I suppose I could always give you more to complain about instead…

You’re already doing that, so I lose either way.

[He laughs again.] Then I see no reason to object to this.

[Score another victory for Richard.]


[Mission accomplished, Richard will spend the rest of the day tidying up around the house and running a few errands. Those who pay attention might notice that there's something slightly... off about him, though. At home, he very nearly trips over the cat and accidentally bumps his shin against the coffee table at one point (which anyone in the house will be made aware of when he yelps); at the store, he stands there staring at the ingredient lists on food items far longer than most people would.

It's a definite aberration for the usually elegant and graceful king, but one he'll try to shrug off if asked about.]

(OOC: Joint post between Richard (green) and Isamu (purple)! One or both will answer the video part-- if you have a preference, feel free to specify.)


Dec. 13th, 2013 11:36 pm
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[Richard is up early this morning, out and about before most of the rest of the household is even awake. He's not about to let his odd sensitivity to any sort of wind stop him from getting things done-- instead, he simply bundles himself up until he looks more like a walking pile of coats and scarves than anything else before making his way in to the center of town for a shopping trip. Of course, the downside of said bundle of outer layers is that it's a bit hard for him to see, meaning that he might occasionally stumble into people or objects before he even realizes it...

His first stop is the grocery store, where he can be found consulting a list and selecting ingredients. Okay, maybe making a black forest cake is a bit ambitious on his end, but he wants to give it a shot anyway. It SOUNDS delicious, if nothing else.

Then he heads to the item store to grab a few more things, even though he'd already picked out his main present some time ago. Perhaps a new toy for Tiger Festival as well...

Of course, then he realizes that his recipe calls for cherry liqueur, which requires a stop by Good Spirits to pick some of that up.

Finally, he heads back home to House 28, where housemates will find him in the kitchen baking something that smells very delicious and very chocolatey. The end result may be a little lopsided and the frosting job definitely leaves something to be desired (maybe he should've whipped that whipped cream a bit more, it seems a little runny), but at least it smells good?]
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[Ah, Valentine's Day. The one experiment a year Richard hates most, for a variety of reasons. Granted, this year wasn't TOO terrible, as he was spared the unfortunate fate of falling in love with anyone under the effects of the experiment... but that didn't stop other people from from falling in love/lust with HIM, much to his dismay. And that's left him with many things to think about, as have some of the reactions to the experiment that he's seen from other people. Which leads him to ponder...]

Indulge my curiosity: what sorts of things are considered traditionally "masculine" where you come from?

[A bit later on, Richard will head out of the house on a shopping trip to All Passions and the item store, where he can be found looking for a new wardrobe and a few other things, probably as a result of some of the answers he received to his question. After picking out a bunch of things to take home with him, he chooses something new to wear home as well: cargo pants, combat boots, and a leather motorcycle jacket, because all of those things are super-masculine, right? Alas, on someone with the approximate build of a toothpick and delicate features like Richard has, the end result is a bit ridiculous, but don't tell him that. (Or do, your choice.) He can't quite bring himself to cut his hair - he's still far too proud of it - so instead he opts to pull it back into a ponytail.

There. Much better, in his eyes. Now the question is, what will his friends and housemates think of this?]


Dec. 13th, 2012 09:58 pm
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[It's a cold, overcast day when Richard steps outside the house this morning, but that doesn't deter him one bit from the errands he has planned for today, even if it does cause him to duck back inside for a scarf first. It doesn't matter how much he hates the cold; today is important, so he can't wait for it to get warmer.

His first stop is the item store in search of the perfect gift. He'll probably linger around this store for the longest, because he wants to find just the right thing. After that, he'll head over to All Passions, where he makes a beeline towards the suits.

Finally, he heads to the bakery to grab a cake. This stop on his little shopping trip requires the most self-control... or not, as he'll probably end up emerging with a few more things than just a cake. Oh well, his housemates will eat them, right?

Once all of this is accomplished, he heads back to House 28, looking both very pleased with himself and just a little bit mischievous too.

He can be found in any of these locations or on the journey between them. Feel free to stop him and say hi or ask what he's up to!]
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[So you know how Ling made that post to gossip about the eligible women of Luceti? Richard stalked that whole thing, partly out of boredom and partly because he happens to know a bunch of women and wanted to know what was being said about them. And the fact that Nami's name kept coming up so often... well, she's his friend, so as a true friend it's his duty to inform her of this fact. Just to be fair, of course.

He also may be slightly bored and wanting to see what happens when the rest of the girls find out about that conversation, but shhhh.]

Did you know that it's a custom in some worlds for a man to marry fifty wives? I had no idea that such a thing existed until I overheard a fascinating discussion the other day. It seems that one such bachelor is currently searching for fifty eligible women here in Luceti and asked the male population for a list of recommendations. I must admit, I was surprised by some of the names that came up. I expected Nami and Vivi, but Kairi, Ino, Shiemi, and Katara were quite popular as well. Some people even listed Nagisa and Pao-Lin.

But would any of you really want to share your husband with forty-nine other women? I couldn't help but wonder as to what you ladies think about a custom like that. Just out of curiosity, of course.

(OOC: Richard won't be responding to everything, but like Ling's post, go nuts with the threadjacking! This one is all for the girls so have fun with it!)


Aug. 6th, 2012 10:26 pm
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[Anyone who happens to walk by on the road beside House 28 this evening will be treated to a rather unusual sight: a cloud of fireflies hovering around the front lawn, greenish-yellow lights flickering as they fly back and forth, following the movement of a tiny orb of light.

Closer inspection reveals the source of said orb of light as Richard, who is seated in the grass-- he's using a tiny bit of Hyt's power to combine with his own magic (the base for a Holy Lance, not that he's going to cast the entire thing), creating a soft white glowing sphere that hovers a couple of inches above his finger. As he moves his hand to trace mindless patterns in the night air, the orb follows it, and the fireflies follow that in a parade of blinking lights. Richard can't quite hide his amusement at this, reflected in the slight smile on his face. It may be an odd way to spend one's birthday, but to Richard, it's more than fine-- not that he doesn't appreciate what Asbel and the others have done for him. He just needs a little time to himself to unwind after all of that.

But if anyone wanders by, he'll be happy to converse with them. He wouldn't be in a public place if he didn't feel like talking to anyone, after all.]
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Cut for action/introspection )

Naoki Kashima has returned home to the world he restored.

[That's it. That's all he can manage. He knows he's being selfish; this is what's best for Naoki. Naoki deserves to be back at home to live his life in the world he saved. But he still... he never even got to see Naoki face-to-face this time, and it hurts. Perhaps what hurts the most is all of the things he never got to say.

That done, he makes his way to the Battle Dome, where he sets up a scenario full of Nova monsters. He knows he's outgunned there and he doesn't even care-- he'll just continue to fight them blindly, unleash all of what he's feeling right now on them, until at last the scenario auto-aborts for his own safety and leaves him to sink down to his knees, breathing hard.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, he forces himself to his feet and makes his way back towards House 28, face almost frighteningly expressionless, but eyes anything but.]


Mar. 18th, 2012 11:33 pm
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[It's the rain that finally pulls Richard back to consciousness from where he's lying on the forest floor amidst the new greenery. He blinks his eyes open and tries to lift his head to see where he is, memories of the past week filtering slowly back to him as his grip on consciousness gradually grows more firm. He's about to move to attempt to sit up when a sudden stabbing pain in his abdomen causes him to double up with a sharp gasp, and as he does so, he chokes on an all-too-familiar coppery taste and panic floods his mind in turn, because it's just like--

It's a long moment before he's able to calm down enough to think rationally. He's not going to die. The Malnosso didn't want to kill him. But he needs to get home somehow and get help. A nearby tree works well enough to help get him upright (albeit with considerable effort); after another moment to steady himself, he sets out in what he hopes is the direction of the village.

He can be found making his unsteady way towards House 28, pale and leaning on nearby objects to help him remain upright, one arm wrapped gingerly around his stomach. It's pretty clear that he's not in the best shape, though he's determined not to ask for any assistance. Once he finally makes it to the house, it takes the last of his energy to open the door. That's all he can manage-- he staggers a few paces inside, then collapses on the floor, too tired to go any further.

'Sup housemates, he's home.]
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[The journal starts recording mid-sentence, as if it's been knocked over or opened unexpectedly.]

-- finally decided to come for me, have you? I won't go without a fight! Vengeant Fangs!

[There's a sharp sound as the spell hits its mark, but it's immediately followed by a yelp of pain from Richard, some crashing sounds, and then a thud. Then, all that can be heard over the journal is silence.

If any of the other residents of House 28 go to investigate, they'll find Richard's bedroom in disarray, his journal lying open on the floor beside the dresser. Well, almost two years without being kidnapped isn't a half-bad record, right?]
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[A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Richard made a certain offer to Asbel because his best friend is apparently incapable of going after the woman who likes him (aka Cheria) without outside intervention. He's already pulled some intervention in the form of mistletoe shenanigans, but since then, there's been absolutely no progress on that front and it's nearly Valentine's Day.

So Richard has decided to take matters into his own hands. As a king, he's had more than enough lessons in manners and the proper methods of courting ladies, meaning that he is going to make sure that Asbel knows how to treat a woman right, and what better way to do so than by having Asbel take him out for an evening the way he (hopefully) will with Cheria later? Of course, there's only one flaw in this plan, which is figuring out how to make Asbel forget that he's with Richard, his decidedly male best friend, and act like he would if he were going out with an actual woman. BUT HE HAS A PLAN. And said plan involves a purple dress, a bit of makeup, some jewelry, and his hair swept up into a slightly messy updo.

There, perfect. Now, to execute the plan...

Feel free to gawk at the lovely lady who is heading to Seventh Heaven to meet Asbel! Or just stare in horror because RICHARD IS THAT YOU.]

(OOC: Will probably be a bit slow with tags because I'm still sick, but this needed to be done before the event! And I am getting to the stuff in my inbox. :|b)


Jan. 28th, 2012 09:29 pm
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[The village is unusually crowded today, and it's making Richard a bit uncomfortable. Too many people - some of them downright bizarre - and too much noise has led him to seek some solitude up beneath Ammy's cherry trees on the north side of the village, where he'll just sit quietly, watching the light snow fall.

Of course, this doesn't mean he can't be bothered, either by newcomers or by friends. He'll be returning home later in the evening, anyway, though he'll be making a stop at Good Spirits once it gets dark in search of a little relaxation first. He can be found in any of these places throughout the day, so go nuts!]
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[Okay, so between everything that's been happening lately, Richard ALMOST forgot what date was coming up. Fortunately he remembers just in time to actually do something about it-- and do something about it he will whether Isamu wants it or not, which is why he's carefully filtering this message away from his friend.]

For those of you who know him, Isamu's birthday happens to be on Tuesday. I'm preparing a small party for him at House 28; any friends of his are welcome to stop by to give him birthday greetings and enjoy some food. I just ask that you not say anything about this to him ahead of time-- it won't be much of a surprise if he knows about it, after all.

[Later that afternoon Richard can be found hauling home a sizable box of decorations (the birthday ones are hidden beneath a seemingly innocuous mound of Christmas decorations) from the store, looking in a much better mood than he's been in for weeks. He can't explain this sudden cheer and he's not sure he wants to; right now he's just intent on enjoying the festive atmosphere while it lasts and trying to prepare a surprise party for his friend without said friend finding out about it-- which might be a difficult task considering they share a room.]
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[It started out as a normal day-- if it can be called "normal" considering that two of his housemates are currently about eight years younger than usual, but fairly uneventful regardless. The "keep Asbel from getting himself or Hubert killed" duties were passed back and forth between him and Cheria as needed until finally he managed to escape and leave them to pester Cheria about the dinner she's currently preparing.

... come to think of it, he hasn't seen Sophie all day. He should go let her know that dinner is almost ready.

He hardly gets the door open six inches before he realizes with a sinking feeling that something is terribly wrong. Sophie's room is empty, bare, as if no one had ever lived in it at all. And Richard has been in Luceti long enough to know what that means...

It's with a neutral expression born from years of practice that he shuts the door behind him and heads back downstairs to inform the others of this, opening his journal to send a short message on the way.]

For those of you who knew her, Sophie has been sent back home to Efinea.

[He really isn't looking forward to explaining this to Asbel and Hubert...]


Aug. 6th, 2011 11:50 pm
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[Sometimes you just really, really need to get out of your house for a little while. That goes double when it is your birthday and your house is currently the residence of an ancient demon temporarily inhabiting the body of one of your best friends and a several-years-younger version of another friend in addition to the usual interesting cast of characters who reside there.

As much as Richard likes them, sometimes he just needs a little space, especially when he would much prefer that no one gets it into their heads to throw him a party or something. That's why this Saturday evening finds him at Good Spirits, nursing a glass of wine at the bar and just people-watching, though he isn't really making much effort to approach anyone. (Not yet, at least. Give him a few more drinks and that might change.)

Later on in the evening, he'll head back home and attempt to sneak to his room before anyone can jump on him to wish him a happy birthday. Of course, knowing his luck...]


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